Automation emails are our built-in, behaviour-triggered automated emails to communicate with your subscribers and keep them engaged. SparkLoop comes with 4 automations emails with more coming soon:
    Intro Email The Intro email is very important because it introduces your subscribers to your ambassador program and explains how it works, without the "distraction" of your usual newsletter.
    First Referral Email The First Referral email is sent to a subscriber when they refer their first friend.
    Referral Email The Referral email is sent to the referrer when they refer a friend, execpt for the first referral. Use the "First Referral Email" for that.
    Referred email The Referred email is sent to a person who has been referred. It is, in a way, the twin email of the Referral email (which is sent to the referrer).

Merge tags

A merge tag looks like a snippet of text. SparkLoop replaces that text with the dynamic content the merge tag refers to, like the person name or email.
This is the complete list of available merge tags:
Merge tag
Subscriber's first name
Subscriber's full name
John Doe
Subscriber's email address
Subscriber's ID
Subscriber's referral code
Subscriber's referral link
Subscriber's number of referrals
Referrals needed for next reward
With merge tags
With real values

Test email

To send a test email scroll to the bottom of the page to the Send test email section, enter an email address and click on Send Test.
SparkLoop will send the latest saved version of your email so make sure to save your email before sending a test!
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