Run engaging giveaways right in your SparkLoop dashboard.

Giveaways are a great way to engage your subscribers and get nice spikes of signups.

However, running a giveaway can be quite tedious. When the giveaway is over, you need to export the entrants and import them in a third-party software to pick a random winner. And what if you want to incentivise your subscribers to get more referrals with extra entries? It can become messy, really quickly.

SparkLoop Giveaways enables you to run unlimited giveaways right into your dashboard, without the need to export or import any data. Just choose your settings and let it do its magic; also, SparkLoop Giveaways will automatically give extra entries based on the number of referrals, no extra work needed!

How to create a giveaway

To create a new giveaway go to the Giveaways page and click the Create new giveaway button.

A modal will open up where you can choose the settings of your giveaway.

  • Giveaway name The name of your giveaway. For internal use only, your subscribers won't see it.

  • Date range The start end date of the giveaway.

  • Winners The number of subscribers that will be randomly drawn as winners.

  • Type of contest Enable it to run "Refer to entry" giveaways where only subscribers who have referred at least 1 person in the selected period will enter the giveaway. If disabled, SparkLoop will include every subscriber who has signed up in the selected period.

  • Minimum referrals If you run a "Refer to entry" giveaway, you can choose the minium number of referrals required to enter the giveaway.

When you click on the Create Giveaway button, SparkLoop will instantaneously pick a random winner (or winners) from the date range you selected, given your constraints, and save the result in your account for future reference. All your giveaways are saved on SparkLoop, unless you decide to delete them.

Viral Giveaways

Giveaway winners are selected at random. However, to make things more interesting, SparkLoop Giveaways are weighted.

Imagine a lottery where every participant gets a ticket for entering and an extra ticket for every person they refer (during your giveaway).

For example, 10 subscribers enter your giveaway, 2 of them have referred 5 friends each and the other 8 only 1 friend. Those who have referred 5 friends are 5 times more likely to be picked, relative to those who have referred only 1 friend.

When to run giveaways

We recommend running giveaways at least once a quarter but more often if you can.

To avoid people cheating during your giveaways we recommend two things:

  1. offer something only your legit subscribers would want

  2. cleary communicate to your subscribers that people who refer fake emails wll be disqualified.