Manual link tagging with query parameters
SparkLoop automatically tracks where each subscriber comes from.
To minimize the amount of traffic that falls within the "Unknown" category, you can add special query parameters to your links.
With SparkLoop you can use standard UTM parameters.
For example, let's say you are running a Facebook Ads campaign and want to track how many people are signing up to your newsletter from that campaign. Simply append the utm_source parameter to your link, like
When a person clicks on that link, "facebook-ads" will be listed as a source in your SparkLoop dashboard.
ref, source and utm_source query parameters are all valid and supported.
Here are examples of links with the different query parameters that are supported by SparkLoop:
If you need more granular details, SparkLoop supports the utm_campaign parameter too so you can use that as well in your links, e.g:
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