Memorable referral links

By default, the referral links generated by SparkLoop are random alphanumeric strings like d22c0810.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could use the subscriber's name to make the referral link more memorable? Something like james23b, for example?

Luckily you can do that with just one click. Ok, that's a lie. It's actually two clicks.

  1. Go to your campaign dashboard > Settings > Misc

  2. Switch on Enable "Memorable referral links" (first click)

  3. Save the changes (second click)

After you enable this feature, referral codes will use the subscriber's first name and a random 4 digits string (to assure uniqueness, lots of "Dan" out there).

SparkLoop will NOT use the subscriber's name and revert to the standard random string if:

  1. a name is not present (obviously)

  2. the name is less than three characters long

For example:

  • Subscriber's name: "James", Subscriber's referral code: "james7d52"

  • Subscriber's name: "Tim Fletcher", Subscriber's referral code: "tim1a54"

  • Subscriber's name: "Ha Zinquin", Subscriber's referral code: "j3hd7h99"