Hosted Referral Hub Page
With SparkLoop's hosted referral hub pages, you can set up a Referral Hub page in minutes and not worry about creating this page from scratch.
To customise your referral hub page, go to your dashboard > Referral Hub.
On that page you can upoad your logo, choose the primary and secondary colour and change the copy.
At any time you can save the changes and preview your page by clicking on the Live Preview button in the top right corner.
Finally, you can customize the URL of your referral hub page to something your subscribers will easily recognise. For example, if your newsletter is called "Your Weekly Wine", you can change the slug to something like "your-weekly-whine".
NOTE Your referral hub page will be hosted on In the example above, the URL of the page will be

How it works

In order to display the correct info, you need to tell SparkLoop which subscriber is visiting the page.
All you need to do is to add a subscriber_id parameter to the URL of your referral hub page whose value is the subscriber's SparkLoop ID.
If this sounds complicated, don't worry: it's actually pretty simple.
For example, if your referral hub page is located at you should give your subscribers the following link:
NOTE The SUBSCRIBER_ID is automatically generated by SparkLoop and added as a custom field to your email marketing platform. SparkLoop will take care of populating this custom field with each subscriber's ID.
In practice, you don't need to remember any of that.
All you need to do is to use the link SparkLoop gives you in your emails. On the referral hub page, click on the Link for emails button and copy the link in the popup.

Unidentified subscribers

If SparkLoop can't identify the subscriber (for example because they visit the page without a subscriber ID), the page will show a form where they can enter their email address and receive a secure link via email to auto-login.

Custom domain

You can host your referral hub page on a subdomain of your choice, eg:
To use a custom domain:
    Go to your referral hub page and enter your custom domain in the Custom domain field, under the Branding section.
    Add a CNAME record to your DNS settings with a name equal to the subdomain you want to use and target equal to
    If you use Cloudflare DO NOT proxy the traffic through their servers. In other words, make sure the cloud icon is grey and not orange and it says "DNS Only".
Example of setting up the CNAME on Cloudflare
NOTE It might take a few hours for the DNS to propagate. However, the first request to your custom domain will be slow because we issue the SSL certificate on that first request.
The second request will work nicely!
If you're using Chrome, it may still show you an "untrusted website" error for 10-20 mins because of Chrome caches. But it's only on that computer that made the first request. You can test on a different browser and it should work straight away.
Last modified 10mo ago