Resetting Campaigns
Please reach out to [email protected] if you want to reset your campaign.
NOTE This feature is currently in beta. If you want access, please reach out to our support team.
Occasionally, you may want to start your referral program anew by resetting the campaign. When you reset a campaign, the referral points of all your subscribers go back to 0. Everyone starts from scratch again.
Resetting a campaign has some consequences you should be aware of:

Custom Fields

SparkLoop will set the RH_TOTREF custom field of all your subscribers to 0 and increment it again as subscribers make referrals.
To preserve historical data, SparkLoop will create a new custom field, RH_GLOBREF , in your ESP and use that to store the total number of referrals each subscriber has made from the beginning.


Let's say subscriber Amy has 4 referrals. Her RH_TOTREF is set to 4. Once you reset the campaign, Amy will have 0 referrals and her RH_TOTREF will be set to 0. Her RH_GLOBREF will be set to 4.
After Amy makes a new referral, her RH_TOTREF will be increased to 1 and her RH_GLOBREF will be increased to 5.


Subscribers can't win the same reward multiple times, even after the campaign reset (unless the reward is a recurring reward).
Thus you may want to archive old rewards and introduce new ones when resetting the campaign.


Do your reward emails get triggered when the RH_TOTREF changes? If the answer is yes is probably best for you to switch to using the RH_LASTREWARD custom field by following these instructions.
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