Need help brainstorming reward ideas? Check out our rewards guide and our rewards library.

How to add a reward

To add a new reward to your referral program go to the Rewards page in your dashboard and click on the button + Create new reward.
In the modal enter:
    the reward name (keep it short and sweet)
    the number of referrals needed to win this reward
    whether the reward is digital (e.g: a PDF, a coupon code, access to a private group, etc) or physical (e.g: a swag)
    Optionally an image (see below where images are used)
You open the Advanced Settings and switch on the Recurring reward option if the reward can be won multiple times by the same person and the level of approval required for this reward.
When you're done, click on the + Create Reward button.

Where are the images used?

The image you upload in SparkLoop will only be used on your hosted referral hub page.
These images won't automatically appear in your emails. If you want to display the reward images in your emails you must upload them in your newsletter.

Reward emails

Most of the time, you will want to send your subscribers a "reward email" to inform them they have won a reward.
If the reward is digital (eg a PDF, coupon code, video etc), you can include a link to the reward in the reward email.
If you're sending a physical reward, then you should use the reward email to ask for the subscriber's home address.
You can set up these emails in SparkLoop by clicking on the Edit Email button and configuring your email there.

How to send reward emails in your ESP

If you prefer to send the reward emails through your email platform (ie: Convertkit, Mailchimp, etc) instead of SparkLoop, follow these steps:
Open an existing reward, click on Open Advanced Settings and copy the reward ID at the bottom.
Go to your email platform and create a new automation. For this automation you want the trigger to be "when the RH_LASTREWARD custom field changes to a specific value". This value is of course the reward ID you just copied.
(Note: the specific copy changes from ESP to ESP, but here are some examples from Active Campaign and ConvertKit.)
After you create the trigger, add the email you want to send for this reward as the next step in the automation and save the changes.
NOTE If you use Mailchimp, the custom field is called RH_LASTREW instead of RH_LASTREWARD.

Recurring rewards

There might be situations where you want a subscriber to be able win the same reward multiple times.
For example:
    a 15% coupon code every 3 referrals
    an Amazon Gift Card every 10 referrals
In SparkLoop these are called "recurring rewards". To set up a recurring reward, simply switch on the option Recurring reward.

Multiple rewards

In case multiple rewards are triggered at the same time, the subscriber will get all rewards. For example, imagine a referral program with 2 rewards:
    Reward X every 2 referrals
    Reward Y at 6 referrals
A subscriber who refers 6 friends will get both reward Y for having referred 6 friends and reward X because 6 is a multiple of 2.

Deleting / Archiving

You can edit or delete a reward unless that reward has already been won by at least one subscriber.
When that happens, a reward cannot be deleted and the number of referrals cannot be edited. This is to make sure historical records are kept intact.
If you want to remove a reward that has been won you can instead archive it.
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