Sharing Links Generator

Give you subscribers an easy way to share their referral link directly from your emails.

A small nuisance of ambassador programs that run inside a newsletter is that people can't easily share their referral link. Instead they have to select it, copy, go to wherever they want to share it (e.g: Twitter, Facebook, email) and paste it.

Here's an example from one of our customers,

Definitely far from ideal. A much better solution would be to replace all these steps with sharing link. For example a "Share on Twitter" link that allows your subscribers to share their referral link on Twitter with one click.

Luckily, this is very easy and quick to achieve using our Share Links Generator.

Here's how you can add a "Share on Twitter" link to your email in less than 2 minutes:

  • Select your ESP (your email marketing platform)

  • Provide the URL for the referral link. You can find this in your campaign, under Settings > Campaign. (In the example above this would be

  • Enter the tweet you want people to share on the left textarea. In our example, we want people to share "Check out this newsletter!". Since the referral link is unique to each subscriber, use %REF_LINK% where you want the referral link to be displayed. Our generator will replace that with the correct merge tag for your ESP. So in our example we will enter "Check out this newsletter: %REF_LINK%"

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Generate links

  • Copy the generated sharing link

  • In your email editor, enter "Share on Twitter" and make it a link. As a URL paste the sharing link you have copied in the previous step.

  • That's it! When you send the email, your subscribers will be able to click on the "Share on Twitter" link to easily share their referral link on Twitter. You can repeat these steps for each social you want to use (we currently support Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and email)

Here's an example of the final result using James Clear's ambassador program: