Active Campaign

Custom Fields

When you create a campaign in SparkLoop a bunch of custom fields are automatically added to your Active Campaign list:

  • RH_SUBID Subscriber's ID.

  • RH_CODE Subscriber's referral code.

  • RH_REFLINK Subscriber's referral link.

  • RH_ISREF Whether or not the subscriber has been referred. "YES" or "NO".

  • RH_ISSHARER Whether or not the subscriber has shared the link. "YES" or "NO".

  • RH_TOTREF Subscriber's total number of referrals.

  • RH_LASTREF Date of the last subscriber's referral.

Using SparkLoop's custom fields in your newsletter

A common need for people is to add a section in their newsletter (usually at the bottom of the email) with each subscriber's referral link and number of referrals. Here's an example from The Morning Brew:

Achieving the same result in your newsletter is very simple. You just need to use the corresponding merge tags, like this:

When you send your newsletter the merge tags will be automatically replaced with each subscriber's total number of referrals and referral link.